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Blackberry Bold 9650

Tell us about your phone

  • We pay more We pay what we say we’re going to pay. What you see is what you get!
  • Fast and easy payments Payments are issued on the day of acceptance* (Typically with you within 24 hours)
  • Price guaranteed As long as your device is as described, you will always get the price quoted online or we'll return it for free.


To be classed as Excellent the device should:

  • Fully Working device with no software or hardware issues
  • Like new device (does not need to be boxed)
  • No damage, scratches, chips or marks anywhere on screen or casing
  • LCD on a white screen must be pure and have no signs of discolouration or missing pixels

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To be classed as Good the device should:

  • Turn on / off (with all buttons working)
  • Have a working touch screen (without cracks or damage)
  • Be fully functional* (light wear and tear is acceptable)
  • Working screen (no cracks or pixel damage)
  • Have no damage to fixed rear glass (no cracks or chips)
  • Have a fully working operating system (software)
  • Include its battery
  • Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)
  • Make / receive calls
  • WiFi / Camera / Video must work

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To be classed as Poor the device should:

  • Fully functional - all parts inc. system software
  • Heavy wear and tear / scratches (without cracks or damage)

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To be classed as Faulty the device should:

  • Crack or smashed screen
  • Include its battery
  • Be intact - not crushed or snapped in half
  • Not have any missing parts or components
  • Device must power up

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* We cannot accept devices with no power that have been tampered with and / or that we cannot guarantee the safe removal of personal data, these devices will be returned free of charge without notice - read the full terms & conditions.

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